admiring is a wonderful thing, who agrees? I feel like it’s a sort of calmness and security. Looking into someone’s eyes an your whole face lights up. The feeling of knowing someone is all yours an nomatter what happens you know their there. It’s looking into someone’s eyes and feeling at home. Love is not the romantic walks and the thousands of dates holding hands and kissing. Love is the 2 hour silence when watching a film,without feeling awkwardness. Love is bickering and fighting but still fighting for what you’ve got. Love is the morning breath, the cuddles without having a shower, the greasy hair and not have a caaaare in the world! Love is all the imperfections yet coming out stronger  no matter what loving eachother. If you can look at someone at their worst and still love them with every ounce of your body then that is admiration. Admiration is a powerful thing, it can be good or bad. Hopefully we all use it at the right moment an know when to stop because although the the world is a loving please we all have issues going on an for someone to not love us back can be one of the worst things a human being will have to go through, so use your kindness and loving souls properly otherwise it will be taking for granted. 

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